An authentic Lebanese gastronomy in the heart of Cluj Napoca  has finally become a reality! Our restaurant aims to offer you the same experience as you would get in Lebanon.

We are committed to bringing you a high level of service and experience. We want you to savor every bite in a relaxed atmosphere that combines the Lebanese traditions with modernity and comfort.

We welcome you with open arms and hearts to come and enjoy our culture and food.


It was important to reflect the Lebanese culture and style with the interior and atmosphere, which is why we have selected handmade tiles as well as many decoration items coming from the Middle East.

As our name says, we are an authentic Lebanese cuisine, which is why we decided to bring a Lebanese chef to Cluj Napoca. Only an authentic Lebanese chef can deliver the real taste of Lebanon onto your plates and into your hearts.

Our chef has worked  in Romania, Lebanon as well for one of the top Lebanese restaurants in the United Arab Emirates.


We offer healthy, natural and exciting tastes. Our food is prepared in an authentic way and we make sure to use the freshest and best ingredients available from our local partners. Our meat comes from own trusted butchery and is halal certified.

Some of the most popular mezzes include the hummus (with or without meat), warak enab (stuffed grape leaves), as well as the fattouche and tabbouleh salads. We also offer tender grilled meats, which should accompany your mezzes and salads. Make sure to try our signature dessert – Aich Al Saray, meaning the sweet cheese pastry stuffed with homemade Lebanese ashta.

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